IPSA 23-26 July 2016 Istanbul Call for Papers Panel: Politics of International Migration

We now know that large-scale mobility of people across international
borders is not only a one-time movement from country A to country B. It is
a phenomenon that creates different levels of transnational spaces, where
not only the people, but also the sending and receiving societies and
governments are largely involved and affected. Thus, the panel is looking
for those papers that are integrating different perspectives of the wide
variety of fields that are interested in the study of migration, such as
political science, sociology, economics, and anthropology. We welcome
studies on human migration with different indications, and mainly research
that focus on comparative findings with significance beyond a single case
study; novel methodological techniques; and innovative theoretical
contributions on the various dimensions and effects of international
migration. We argue that migration molds not only societies, but also has
important policy consequences, all of which largely fit the special focus
of the 2016 conference Politics in a World of Inequality. Accordingly, we
are interested in papers exploring –but not limited to- the following main

• Policy responses to international migration on different levels, i.e.,
international, national, local
• Debates on diversity and citizenship
• Migration and mobility nexus

Language: English
Chairs: Dr. Deniz Sert & Derya Ozkul
Discussant: Dr. Dogus Simsek

Deadline for paper submission: 7 OCT 2015
You will find all the details about the congress and guidelines for
submissions on the conference website: