Session List for the 2014 ISA World Congress (Research Committee 22: Sociology of Religion) – Upcoming Call for Papers

ISA World Congress – Yokohama 2014
Full RC22 Session List

Part 1: Special Sessions

1. Presidential Address: Facing an Unequal Adam Possamai, RC22 President
Post-Secular World

2. Presidential Invited Session: Religion, Organized by Adam Possamai
Nationalism, and Transnationalism

3. RC22 Business Meeting

Part 2: Open Sessions: please submit your paper proposals at the ISA website; links will be posted after 3 June at /rc/rc.php?n=RC22 Deadline: 30 September


4. Sociology of Religion in Africa: Challenges and Prospects

5. Uses of the Past: The Politics of Religion and Collective Memories

6. The Role of Religion in the Public Sphere

7. Religion as a Factor in the Composition and Decomposition of Ethnic Identities

8. Religious and Spiritual Capital: Reproducing, Overcoming or Going Beyond Inequality?

9. The Best of All Gods: Sites and Politics of Religious Diversity in Southern Europe

10. Religion and the Transition to Adulthood

11. Religious Diversity and Social Change in Contemporary East Asia

12. Welfare and Civil Society: The Role of Religion

13. Religion in the Era of Climate Entropy

14. Multiculturalism and Religion: Contemporary Challenges and Future Opportunities

15. (Non)Religion in Question: Ethics, Equality, and Justice

16. Religion, Immigration, & Health (Co-Sponsored by RC 15 (Medical Sociology) and RC 31 (Sociology of Immigration)

17. Roundtables on Religious Organizations

a. New Forms of Religious Organization

b. The Impact of Neoliberal Policies, Practices and Ideas on Religious Organizations

c. Facing Inequality from the Perspective of Islamic Organizations

Adogame, Afe

Burchardt, Marian & Koenig, Mattias

Furseth, Inger

Jevtik, Miroljub

Lombaard, Christo & Hämmerli. Maria

Mapril, José

Niemelä, Kati

Okuyama, Michiaki

Pettersson, Per

Rivas, Ver

Roose, Joshua

Schenk, Suzanne &
Schuh, Cora

Shapiro, Ephraim

Kern, Thomas & Pruisken, Insa

Martikainen, Tuomas

Rosenow-Williams, Kerstin &
Kortmann, Mattias

Part 3: Invited Sessions: these sessions are not open for papers; their participants have already been invited.


18. Locating Religion in Civilizational Analysis

19. Civil Rights and Religious Freedoms in a Secular World

20. Film: Haifa‘s Answer plus invited discussion

21. Religion and Countering Gender Inequality

22. Organized Conversations on Religious Research:

a. Lessons For Studying Religion In The African Diaspora: Charles H. Long & Ruth Simms Hamilton

b. The Sociology of Orthodoxy: Responses of Local Civilizations to the Challenges of a Globalizing World

Arjomand, Said & Tiryakian, Edward

Blancarte, Roberto

Cipriani, Roberto

Halafoff, Anna, Tomalin, Emma
& Caroline Starkey

Dodson, Jualynn

Podlesnaya, Maria

NOTE ABOUT “ROUNDTABLES”: We are allowed just 22 sessions, including the Business Meeting. We have therefore combined five sessions into “roundtable” sessions, which allow more than one session to take place at one time. WE HAVE NOT YET CHOSEN WHICH SESSIONS WILL BE ROUNDTABLES AND WHICH WILL HAVE FULL SESSIONS!!

The ISA required us to assign sessions to these slots, and we did so. THESE PRELIMINARY ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT FINAL. We shall make the final assignments after all papers have been received. Our assignments will depend on several factors, none of which we can gauge now.