ISASR conference 2013

*Second annual conference of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions (ISASR), *

*At The Clinton Centre, University College Dublin, 10th-12^th May 2013*

Conference theme:
*Ireland, America and Transnationalism: studying religions in a globalised world*

We are pleased to invite scholars to take part in the second annual conference of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions (ISASR). For information on the society, see: The Conference will take place *Fri-Sun May 10^th -12^th , 2013* at the *Clinton Institute for American Studies, University College Dublin (UCD)*, and is open to scholars of all disciplines that approach religions, both past and present, from a non-theological, critical, analytical and cross-cultural perspective.

Proposals for papers may relate to the conference theme ‘Ireland, America and Transnationalism’ or any other aspect of the Society’s work in the history, anthropology, folklore and sociology of religion in Ireland or the Irish diaspora, but also the work of Irish-based researchers on topics in the academic study of religions elsewhere in the world.

Although 19^th and 20^th century discourses often highlighted national, including Irish, religious uniqueness, this has always been at best a half truth. Megalithic architecture and pre-Christian myths are routinely studied in relation to other west European contexts. Christian conversion and medieval texts, early modern wars of religion and nineteenth-century ultramontanism also locate Ireland in a wider religious world. The conference theme encourages the study of religions in a global and comparative context, with particular reference to North America, the home of the largest Irish diaspora outside these islands. From Ireland’s ‘spiritual empire’ of Catholic institutions to American enthusiasm for all things Celtic to imported Pentecostalisms, the religious exchange between the two has been intense. Adopting a transnational perspective highlights the networks of wider global relationships within which religions both in Ireland and among the Irish diaspora are enacted.

Please send a 150-200 word abstract for papers to *Adrienne Hawley ( Adrienne.hawley [at] )* by the closing date of *Friday 22^nd February, 2012*. Notification of abstract acceptance will be given by Friday March 15th, 2012.*_

Proposals for themed panels from ISASR members are welcomed and may be made directly to the conference organisers via Adrienne Hawley (email above).
The following panels have already been proposed:
* Folk Religion in Ireland: Meaning and Context
* Children’s Subjectivities and the Experience of Religious Educations
* Gender and Religion

If you wish to submit an abstract for these panels please indicate this in your abstract submission_*

Further information on the ISASR Conference 2013 will be posted at:
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The conference is hosted by ISASR in collaboration with The Clinton Institute, UCD.