Churches, Communities & Society


Public Negotiations and Interventions

25-26 October 2013
The University of Manchester, UK

In contemporary British society, Christian religion refuses to stay in its place. Unruly, it is established in some places (England, Scotland) and yet in all places numerically in decline; public, and yet caught off guard by an Occupy movement; suborned, and yet capable of protest; lordly, and yet attempting to represent the common good; proactively interfaith, and yet caught up in its own internal concerns; national, yet present in very different ways in city and country. This two-day conference explores some of the issues, concerns and contradictions generated by this remarkable state of affairs. It does so from a variety of perspectives: theological, ethical, and social.

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS:(more to be announced)
– Philip Lewis (Bradford)
– Alison Milbank (Nottingham)
– Stephen Platten (Wakefield)
– Melissa Raphael (Gloucestershire)
– William Whyte (Oxford)
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