Invitation: International Seminar on Narrative Sociology–Oct 5, 2021

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October 5th, 2021

Roma Tre University
Aula Volpi
Via del Castro Pretorio 20
00185 Roma

Conveners and discussants:

  • Roberto Cipriani (Roma Tre University, Italy)
  • Enzo Pace (Padua University, Italy)


  • 10.00 am Hans Geir Aasmundsen (University of Stavanger, Norway) ,“The Holistic Mission Narrative; a “roadmap” for global Evangelical and Pentecostal mission in the 21th century”.
  • 10.20 am Øyvind Gjerstad (University of Bergen, Norway), “Narrative Structures in Argumentation: a linguistic approach to the study of religious and societal narratives”.


  • 11.00 am Raffaella Leproni (Roma Tre University, Italy) – “Fine art readers. Shared narrative backgrounds to address a reading community”
  • 11.20 am Guido Giarelli (University “Magna Græcia”, Italy) – “Care narratives in Integrated Oncology: preliminary results of a textual analysis with mixed methods”
  • 11.40 am Mario Cardano (University of Turin, Italy) – “Focusing on argumentative structure in the discourses’ analysis”
  • 12.00 am Marco Marzano (University of Bergamo, Italy) – “Uses and Abuses of Narrative in Qualitative Sociology”
  • 12.20 am Antonio Maturo (University of Bologna, Italy) – “Disease, illness, sickness: From Triad to Trinity?”
  • 12.40 am Lara Maestripieri (Polytechnic of Milan, Italy) – “Combining positioning and biographical trajectories: how I did it”

Lunch break

  • 3.00 pm Stefania Palmisano (University of Turin) – “The Narrative Approach: How to discover spirituality in everyday life”
  • 3.20 pm Massimo Introvigne (CESNUR, Italy) – “Global Pentecostalism: A Map”
  • 3.40 pm Mariano Longo (Salento University, Italy) – “Narrative and the construction of meaning. On the cognitive value of telling stories”
  • 4.00 pm Ilaria Riccioni (University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy) – “Reflections on narrative methods for a grounded theory and its role within qualitative sociology”
  • 4.20 Milena Gammaitoni (Roma Tre University) – “Epistemological issues: the narration of female musicians fighting for social rights”
  • 4.40 pm Ignazia Maria Bartholini (University of Palermo) – “New form of religiosity: from taking care of migrants to the political exercise of welcoming them”
  • 5.00 pm Susanna Pallini, Giovanni Maria Vecchio (Roma Tre University) – “The relationship among children’s prosocial and aggressive behavior, sympathy and emotion regulation”