Call for Contributions on Religion for the Encyclopaedia for African Studies


I have been assigned to be the subject editor of African Religions section of The Encyclopaedia for African Studies. This is a proposed resource centre for people interested in the study of Africa. As we all know, African religion(s) is a significant part of this. We hope that this will serve African scholars, advanced researchers, professors, and specialists and especially undergraduate and graduate students taking courses or doing research on Africa. The entries should include articles and multimedia resources on different aspects of the African continent, and should also provide direction to other related content within the encyclopaedia. When we speak about African religions, we cover content about African indigenous religions, and Africanized religions including African Christianity and African Islam, and African religions in the Diaspora. This is an opportunity for us to contribute to this important volume. Entries vary from 1,500 to 8,000 words depending on significance/relevance and topic of discussion.

Entries should be meticulously and academic, thus it is important that guidelines related to copyright infringements are followed as well as intellectual property rights. As an editor on the subject area of religion, my job is to suggest a list of themes for the discipline, once approved the writing process will commence. We hope that the proposed Routledge Online Encyclopaedia will be one of the top reference resource for students, professors and professionals interested in African studies.

I have suggestions for entries, or you may propose your own.  If interested, let me know as soon as possible. All entries should be submitted latest by July 15, 2019. Contact me at  if you have any further questions on this.

Thank you,
Mary Nyangweso