EASR Panels on Orthodox Churches

European Association for the Sociology of Religion (EASR) EASR Annual Conference

1. Orthodoxy beyond the Orthodox World
Eastern Orthodoxy has only recently emerged as a discrete research area in the study of religions, anthropology and sociology of religion. The historical conditions that give rise to renewed interest in and access to Eastern European Orthodoxy, namely the fall of the communism and the break-up of the Soviet Union, have also facilitated, and necessitated, Orthodoxy’s renewed migration and dispersal around the globe, especially to Western Europe and America. In this context, the study of Eastern Orthodoxy in migration has become an important, if understudied, aspect of the anthropology and sociology of Orthodoxy. This panel invites papers based on empirical studies of Orthodox Churches and communities outside of majority Orthodox states.

2. Orthodoxy, Nationalism and De-territorialized Communities
Whilst there is a considerable body of literature on Orthodox Churches and their relationship to local nationalisms in Eastern Europe there has been little focus on what happens to the strong bond between ethnic/national identity and Orthodoxy once the national setting recedes or is no longer present. ‘Ethnic’ Orthodox parishes are commonly represented as being ‘nationally’ orientated towards co-ethnics and the national homeland. This panel invites papers that explore ideas of the ‘nation’ and ‘nationalism’ as applied to Central and East European states and re-examines them in the light of the experience of de-territorialized Orthodox communities.

Deadline for paper proposals: May 15, 2013
Please send a short abstract (about 500 words) to Maria Hämmerli: maria.haemmerli@unine.ch