Thinking Out of the Box: Devising New European Policies to Face the Arab Spring

Call for Papers (September- 15 November 2012)
“Thinking Out of the Box: Devising New European Policies to Face the Arab Spring”(NEPAS) –
University of Minho, Braga – 21-22 February 2013.

The University of Minho, with the support of the LLP programme of the European Union, is pleased to invite PhD students, master students and young scholars to submit their abstracts for papers for the upcoming seminar in its campus in Braga in February 22-23, 2013 on “Thinking Out of the Box: Devising New European Policies to Face the Arab Spring”. The University of Minho is a reference point in high-quality teaching and learning, not only for Portuguese universities, but also in Europe.

The main objective of NEPAS is to bring together a transnational and multidisciplinary research network to reflect on how the European Union (EU) should address the long-term consequences of the “Arab Spring” for EU-Mediterranean (North Africa and the Middle East) relations. It also aims at creating a network among young scholars in the Arab world and the European countries and, through two academic seminars, give young scholars the opportunity to present their research in EU-Med relations and of the needs, the requirements and the means of putting into place a more effective policy. NEPAS´ first aim is thus to provide opportunities for academics from a range of disciplines and countries to share their research both through the conference podium, roundtable sessions and workshops. It also intends to create a transnational and multidisciplinary research network to provide a framework for international information exchange in this area and to conduct collaborative research in view of the newly adopted EU agenda towards the Mediterranean. A related aim is the promotion and dissemination of knowledge related to the complex reality and evolution of the internal political and socio-cultural processes of the different southern Mediterranean countries and the reforms underway in terms of governance, social development, human rights and political transition. The project means to raise the political recognition of the relevance of a new EU-Med approach: help develop a truly Euro-Med culture and improved knowledge about it. The fourth is to translate participants´ knowledge into policy recommendations for EU decision-makers. The organisation also intends to stimulate interest in the fields of Euro-Mediterranean relations and to provide stimulus to students interested in pursuing research in this area. This initiative envisages offering an opportunity to students of all academic levels to meet, visit, and exchange views and experiences with other practitioners and academics. The project aims to appealing to an enlarging community of post-graduate students, who are working on European Integration, in particular on EU policies towards its southern Mediterranean neighbours.

Deadline for abstracts: 15 November, 2012

Seminar themes:

The workshop invites papers dealing with theoretical and empirical studies of the following topics:

  • The Arab Spring: Revolutions or Stalemate?
  • Outcome and Perspectives of the Arab Spring
  • Geopolitical Implications of the Arab Upheavals in the Mediterranean
  • The Arab Spring: the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ and International Law Implications
  • The Fall of Authoritarianism and the New Actors in the Arab World: What Challenges Lie Ahead?
  • A New Mediterranean Political Landscape? The Arab Spring and Euro-Mediterranean Relations
  • A New Mediterranean Agenda for a New Mediterranean Political Setting

    Abstract Submission:

    • All abstracts and papers need to be presented in English
      The maximum length of abstracts is 300 words
      Email your abstract as an attachment to:
      Please include the following information in your email:
      Institutional affiliation (if any) and a short CV
      Contact information (including preferred email address)

    Authors whose full abstract has been accepted will be asked to deliver a full paper.

    For this purpose the following steps are envisaged:

    • September 2012: Call for Papers starts
    • 15 November 2012: Call for Papers closes
    • 15-30 November 2012: review of submitted abstracts and selection by the Scientific Committee
    • 1 December 2012: call for full Papers starts
    • 1 January 2013: conference registration opens (no registration fee)
    • 15 January 2013: call for full Papers closes
    • 31 January 2013: announcement of conference programme

    A number of selected papers (conference proceedings) will be published in an E-Book and possibly also in hard copy.
    Scholars who want to participate in this seminar are encouraged to travel in the framework of the LLP/Erasmus programme, since the University of Minho will validate their mobility.

    Scientific Committee

    • Maria do Céu Pinto: Associate Professor of International Relations, University of Minho.
    • Tiberio Graziani: President of IsAG (Institute for Advanced Studies in Geopolitics), Rome.
    • Maria Luisa Maniscalco: Full Professor, Roma Tre University, Rome.
    • Maurizio Vernassa: Associate Professor, University of Pisa, Pisa.
    • Miguel Estanqueiro Rocha: Lecturer in International Relations, University of Minho.