Afroeurope@s IV: Black Cultures and Identities in Europe

London, UK 1-4 October 2013

Afroeurope@s/Afroeurope@ns is an international research and development group funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation [Ref. FFI2009-08948]. The group is holding its fourth international conference in London from 1-4 October 2013 at Senate House, Malet House, London WC1E 7HU. The conference is supported by the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Studies at the University of London, and by the Postcolonial Literatures Research Group, Department of English at The Open University.
The fourth conference will be a focus for the many strands of this dynamic field of study, and aims to include presentations on both established and emerging research areas of a trans- and multidisciplinary nature. We recognise that this field cannot be confined to traditional textual representations and forms of expression and so encourage submissions from a wide range of disciplines. These may cover not only literature, history or sociology, but also music, the visual arts, popular culture(s), sports, religion, film etc. We welcome submissions dealing with topics that are cross-genre in nature and use different expressive media, which may tackle the following:
* Tomorrow’s Generations Examining policies relating to AfroEuropean young people, work on and by AfroEuropean youth, the depiction and perceptions of these groups
* Embracing ‘Others’ Exploring work by AfroEuropean artists and writers which breaks stereotypes, from science fiction to crime writing, from art to opera
* Tongue Twisters Highlighting issues across the world of translation, such as how work is chosen to be translated or how translators surmount linguistic barriers
* North Africa’s ‘Arab Spring’; Western constructs deconstructed Interrogating European depictions of North Africa’s recent civil uprisings
* All Gods in the New World? Reflecting on the clash and convergences of religions in the AfroEuropean arena
* Going for Gold Analysing how Africa has changed the face of European sport

Submissions that do not directly deal with the aforementioned topics will also be considered. Presentations, which are not restricted to written academic texts, should be planned to last for no more than twenty minutes. The language of the conference for presentations will be English, French or Spanish. We require an abstract of 400 words, which must be written in the language of the presentation.

Abstracts for AfroEurope@ns IV should in the first instance be sent to the following email address – – and should be submitted no later than 1 March 2013.
The scientific committee will reply to all abstracts no later than 15 April 2013.
A full programme, including plenary speakers and all other participants, will be published by 1 June 2013.
A selection of papers and other presentations will be published after the conference.
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