7th Biennial Meaning Conference

You are welcome to attend the forthcoming summer conference entitled
“The Positive Psychology of Flourishing Through Meaning and Purpose”
(July 26-29, 2012, Toronto)

This is a biennial conference hosted by the International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM). Students, scholars, mental health professionals and anyone who values Viktor Frankl, positive psychology, religious and spiritual psychology, resilience and eudaimonia are invited to submit a brief summary of their work for possible presentation at the conference. Delegates may also attend as an interested member of the listening audience. A selected sample of keynote speakers include Richard Ryan, Chris Peterson, Jordan Peterson, Laura King, Todd Kashdan, Alan Waterman, and many other leading scholars such as humanistic psychologist Stanley Krippner as well as logotherapy practitioners such as Emmy Van Deurzen from the UK and Paul Wong from Toronto. Viktor Frankl’s grandson, a filmmaker, will fly in from Vienna to talk and show his feature documentary film entitled, “Viktor and I”.

The deadline for the call for papers is June 15 for non-students.
For full conference information and details on paper submissions please visit


All students will receive a 40% discount for conference registration, if their submissions are accepted. Winners will be given a waiver on conference registration (the all-inclusive package). The deadline for the call for papers is June 1st for students. For full conference information as well as details on how to submit papers, please visit www.meaning.ca/conference