Religion and Sexuality edited collection

Call for Chapter Submissions:

Globalized Religion and Sexuality: Policies, Voices and Contexts

This is a call for chapter submissions for an upcoming volume entitled “Globalized Religion and Sexuality: Policies, Voices and Contexts,” edited by Heather Shipley (University of Ottawa) which will be considered for publication in Brill’s International Studies in Religion and Society series, co-edited by Lori G. Beaman and Peter Beyer (University of Ottawa).
Please submit one-page chapter proposals no later than August 1, 2012 to Heather Shipley
(<>), to be considered in the volume.
Notification will be sent out by the end of August 2012; accepted chapters in full (7,000-8,000 words) will be due by January 31, 2013.

Volume Description:
Controversies in the public arena regarding religion and sexuality often construct these categories as inherently oppositional or already in conflict. As state policies regarding sexuality and sexual diversity develop, promoting inclusivity and non-discrimination, it is imperative to develop a more nuanced discussion regarding the relationship of religion/ideology to sexual diversity and sexuality. What is the role of ideological commitments in promoting or arresting policies of inclusivity? How do policies become actualized within the environments they are intended for: i.e. education, health care, etc.?

The goal of this volume is to explore religion and sexuality from a range of countries across the globe, focusing on the theme of religious/ideological voices in state policies, such as same-sex marriage, identification, education, etc. This would include voices from religious or ideological perspectives (including atheism) whose support/opposition have been influential in either the policy decisions or in public perceptions about the relationship of religion/ideology to sexuality/sexual diversity.

Volume themes are listed below, submissions should indicate which theme they fit under:

 Policies: What policies are contested/controversial regarding religion/ideology and sexuality, and how are ideology and sexuality „involved‟ in policy debates?

 Voices: What does the research tell us regarding religious/ideology and sexuality, what data is there to demonstrate the voices of individuals/groups regarding religion/ideology and sexuality?

 Contexts: How can theoretical frameworks regarding identity help inform and promote better awareness regarding the relationship of religion/ideology to sexuality?

 Other topics not included in this list, but related to the theme of the volume and series, will be considered.

Series Description:
The Brill series, International Studies in Religion and Society (ISRS), publishes social scientific volumes that focus critically on research, debates, and theories in the forms, role, and relations of religion in contemporary society. Volumes have transnational, multi-disciplinary, and often multi-sectional emphasis, bringing together insights from diverse fields such as history, legal studies, sociology, anthropology, religious studies, international relations, cultural studies, globalization, urban and gender studies. The series welcomes volumes that explore both neglected and much studied themes, seeking in each case to make a meaningful impact by breaking new ground, advancing current questions, and exploring new issues.

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