Call for Papers: Islamophobia and the Racialization of Muslims

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue of Critical Sociology: Islamophobia and the Racialization of Muslims
Steve Garner, Sociology and Public Policy, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
& Saher Selod, Sociology, Loyola University, Chicago, USA

The main emphasis in our project is on placing qualitative fieldwork from North America next to that carried out in Europe in order to understand what is common, and what differs in terms of national contexts. Studies drawn from other continents, however, will also be
included. We therefore welcome critical empirical qualitative studies drawn from around the world, and would prefer not to have further studies of news media or theory-based pieces. Articles might focus on Muslims’ experiences of discrimination and how these differ in terms of gender, age, class, place and time. Or they might concentrate on attitudes of
non-Muslims toward Muslims; or internet-based Islamophobia, an interesting location for studying the transnational threads. We also require a reflection on methods, and how the national and local studies developed here relate to existing literature.

The papers will provide the basis for a special issue of Critical Sociology, and a session proposal at a major conference. We invite the submission of abstracts or proposals (150-200 words) by 30 April 2012. We hope to receive completed manuscripts by 1 October 2012. Please email your proposals to both Steve Garner and Saher Selod at:;