New Book: Muslims at the Margins of Europe

Finland, Greece, Ireland and Portugal

Editors: Tuomas Martikainen, José Mapril and Adil Hussain Khan

This volume focuses on Muslims in Finland, Greece, Ireland and Portugal, representing the four corners of the European Union today. It highlights how Muslim experiences can be understood in relation to a country’s particular historical routes,See More

Publication Date: 29 July 2019
ISBN: 978-90-04-40456-4

Part 1: Governing Islam and Muslims

1 The Founding of the Islamic Council of Finland
Tuomas Martikainen
2 State and Religion in Peripheral Europe: State-Religion Relations, Corporatism and Islam in Portugal and Ireland (1970–2010)
Luís Pais Bernardo
3 The Governance of Islamic Religious Education in Finland: Promoting “General Islam” and the Unity of All Muslims
Tuula Sakaranaho

Part 2: Politics of Recognition

4 Concepts of Authority in Irish Islam
Adil Hussain Khan
5 Nation-state, Citizenship and Belonging: A Socio-historical Exploration of the Role of Indigenous Islam in Greece
Venetia Evergeti
6 Perceptions of Mis/Recognition: The Experience of Sunni Muslim Individuals in Dublin, Ireland
Des Delaney

Part 3: Public Debates and (In)Visibility

7 Explaining the Absence of a Veil Debate: The Mediating Role of Ethno-nationalism and Public Religion in the Irish Context
Stacey Scriver
8 Muslim Migration Intelligence and Individual Attitudes toward Muslims in Present-day Portugal
Nina Clara Tiesler and Susana Lavado
9 From the Margins to the Fore: Muslim Immigrants in Contemporary Greece
Panos Hatziprokopiou

Part 4: Mobilities and Belonging

10 Iraqi Diaspora and Public Space in a Multicultural Suburb in Finland
Marko Juntunen
11 Sudanese and Somali Women in Ireland and in Finland: Material Religion and Culture in the Formation of Migrant Women’s Identities in the Diaspora
Yafa Shanneik and Marja Tiilikainen
12 The Socio-spatial Configuration of Muslims in Lisbon
Jennifer McGarrigle