New Book “Building a Shared Future: Religion, Politics and the Public Sphere”

Building a Shared Future: Religion, Politics and the Public Sphere
by Qamar-ul Huda, PhD, Ayatollahi Tabaar, Jocelyne Cesari, Nader Hashemi, Amjad Saleem, Mark Hammond, Florence Laufer, Sajjad Rizvi, Prof. Abdellatif Bencherifa, Maleiha Malik, Hilary E. Kahn, PhD, M.H. Vorthoren & Sheila B. Lalwani

During the last decade, debates on the role of religion in the public space, migration, social cohesion and other issues have revealed increasing social tensions and polarisation in public opinion. Misperceptions and misinformation often dominate public dialogue about relations between Muslims and others. Although they don’t speak with the loudest voice, academics, scholars and thought leaders have a key role to play in helping to rebalance these debates by providing fact-based opinion and informed arguments. In the ‘Building a Shared Future’ series, these opinion leaders offer insights into the issues facing Muslims through American and European communities today.

How successful have European models of integration been compared with the American model of multiculturalism? How can multiple layers of identity be accommodated in pluralistic societies? This volume explores a selection of these questions.