Call for Papers AAA 2012

CFP: “Trans-” States in Islamic Education: Crossing, Transcending, and Transgressing Boundaries
Organizer: Ron Lukens-Bull (University of North Florida),

Looking for papers which will examine Islamic Education in relationship to the 2012 AAA theme Borders and Crossings.  Engagement with the theme can quite literally look at Islamic education in non-Muslim majority society. More metaphorical or
theoretical treatments of borders and crossings will be most welcome. Papers looking at transgressive moments in Islamic education, for example, might examine the impact of transgressive behavior of teachers and the response of the community, such as when Aa Gym’s Islamic self-help empire in Indonesia faltered after his poorly recieved polygynous second marriage. Or when faculty at Islamic universities in their attempt to work outside narrowly defined boundaries of their field are accused of apostasy.  Or the border crossing might be more at the level of ideoscapes and a look at how Islamic Education in West Africa has been impacted by the “Arab Spring.”  It would be particularly interesting  if the “trans-” states, to use my coined term, examined one of the following: trance states in the context of Islamic Education, transgendered persons in Islamic Education.

Ronald Lukens-Bull, PhD
Associate Professor of Anthropology
University of North Florida