The third international scientific and practical conference – Russia

Russian Association of Buddhists of Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Tradition
The institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of Far East Department OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
Centre for Philosophical Comparative Studies and Social-Humanitarian Research at the Philosophy Department of Saint-Petersburg State University

Dear colleagues! We hereby invite you to participate in the The third international scientific and practical conference VAJRAYANA BUDDHISM IN RUSSIA: AN HISTORICAL DISCOURSE AND ADJACENT CULTURES
Timeframe: September, 21-24, 2012 Venue: Vladivostok, The institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of Far East Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushkinskaya Street, 89

MAIN OBJECTIVES OF THE CONFERENCE: Expansion of interdisciplinary dialogue Research of Vajrayana Buddhism and its interactions with other Buddhist traditions Association and support of researchers and experts of Vajrayana

SUBJECTS FOR DISCUSSION: Buddhism in the history of Russia and adjacent countries Buddhism in the Far East Ancient Buddhist traditions on the territory of Primorsky Kray (the Bohai state and the Jin empire) Buddhism and modern sociocultural practices Forms of reception of Buddhism in the West, Russia and adjacent cultures Buddhism in the light of modern natural-science knowledge Buddhism in Russian philosophy, literature and art Mutual interaction of various Buddhist traditions in a context of their history Vajrayana methods and development of person’s intellectual and creative abilities

CONFERENCE WORKING LANGUAGES: Russian and English The conference program provides plenary and section sessions.

REGISTRATION is open on the site:
For participation in the conference please send the following files until June, 1, 2012 to the organizing committee,

1. Your PRESENTATION TEST (ready for publication) in an electronic version, format Word for Windows; the font should be Times New Roman, font size 14, line spacing 1,5, the margins 2,5 sm. The volume of your article is expected to be maximum 15000 symbols. Please specify your full name and the city in parentheses before the title in the right top corner. For example: J. Smith (Rio de Janeiro). The title should be placed in the center of the next line. References to consulted and cited literature should be placed in the text, in square brackets, and contain the surname of the author of the quoted work, the publication year and the page number, all comma-separated. For example: [Smith, 2005, 214]. The List of cited publications kindly place after the end of the text alphabetically. Headers, pagination and footnotes containing references, are not permitted. Semantic clarification remarks are given in parentheses in the text. For example: Truth State (Sanskrit: Dharmakaya).
2. The ABSTRACTS in size of maximum 500 symbols in Russian and English languages.
3. A CV of the author: first name, middle initial, last name (full), scientific degree, academic status, work position, company, postal address, e-mail, contact phone. [Alternatively, you can fill the registration form on the conference site]
4. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Please specify if you need: – an accommodation for the period of the conference; – a full daily lunch (in addition to free coffee-breaks). It costs 200-300 rubles; – an official invitation from the Organizing committee; – special devices for the demonstration purposes.

INFORMATION FOR THE PARTICIPANTS The organizational payment for participants of conference is 500 rubles. Traveling and living expenses are to be covered by the delegating organization. After the conference the collective monograph of presentations and articles will be published. The right to select materials for publication is reserved for the Organizing committee.
THE ADDRESS OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: 190068, St.-Petersburg, Nikolsky Pereulok, 7-26
THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: CO-CHAIRMEN OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Nadezhda Artemyeva – PhD in history, director of Department of Medieval Archeology in The institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of Far East Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok). Elena Leontyeva – PhD in history, chief editor of the “Orientalia” Publishing house (Moscow)
MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: A.M. Alexeev-Apraksin. Grand PhD in cultural studies (St. Petersburg) V.P. Androsov, Grand PhD in history, Professor (Moscow) V.N. Badmayev, Grand PhD in philosophy, Professor (Elista) S.G. Batyreva, Grand PhD in arts (Elista) K.Sh. Khafizova, member of the Kazakh National Academy of Natural Sciences, Grand PhD in history, Professor (Almaty, Kazakhstan) A.S. Kolesnikov, Grand PhD in philosophy, Professor (St. Petersburg) V.L. Larin, Grand PhD in history, Professor (Vladivostok) A.P Zabiyako., Grand PhD in philosophy, Professor (Blagoveshchensk) N.L. Zhukovskaya, Grand PhD in history, Professor (Moscow) G.N.Chimitdorjiyeva, PhD in philology (Ulan-Ude) B.U. Kitinov, PhD in history, associate professor (Moscow) L.M.Korotetskaya, PhD in philosophy (Novosibirsk) A. Sh. Koybagarov (St. Petersburg) A.V.Lesnov, PhD in philosophy, associate professor (Magadan) E.V.Malyshkin, PhD in philosophy, associate professor (St.Petersburg) A.G Saldusova., PhD in philology (Elista) B.I. Zagumyonnov, PhD in philosophy (St. Petersburg)
V.M. Dronova (St. Petersburg) e-mail:  tel.: +7 962 683 07 00; +7 911 921 20 43
A.B. Sokolov (St. Petersburg), e-mail: