New Master’s Program in Religious Studies* at The American University of Rome (AUR).

I am pleased to announce the “new Master’s Program in Religious Studies” at
The American University of Rome (AUR).

The Program offers an interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse study
of religion with the focus on the historical, social and cultural context
of Rome, Italy and the Mediterranean. It will enable students to study
various religious traditions that played an important role in the history
and culture of Rome, Europe and the Western civilization in general,
including the ancient Roman religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The
Program benefits from the wealth of artistic, cultural and academic
resources of Rome which provide unique opportunities for study (including
an important component of on-site learning), research and internships.
As all other AUR Programs, the emphasis is placed on both academic and
professional goals, on intellectual development and transferable skills.
Apart from knowledge of particular religious traditions, students will
obtain knowledge and skills necessary to understand and work in the areas
   – Religious Traditions in Modern Society
   – Religion, Conflict and Crises
   – Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue

The MA Program in Religious Studies has a *15-month duration* and will
start in the *Fall of 2014*. Please look at our

For more details on course content, as well as information on admission
requirements, assessment of student learning, time limits and potential
career paths and costs.

We thank you for disseminating the information to interested students and
colleagues. We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you!

Dr Richard Hodges
President, The American University of Rome