Islam in the Hinterlands: Muslim Cultural Politics in Canada

Islam in the Hinterlands: Muslim Cultural Politics in Canada Jasmin Zine UBC Press, 2012

About the Book
Muslim communities have become increasingly salient in the social, cultural, and political landscape in Canada largely due to the aftermath of 9/11 and the racial politics of the ongoing “war on terror” that have cast Muslims as the new “enemy within.”

Islam in the Hinterlands features empirical studies and critical essays by some of Canada’s top Muslim Studies scholars who examine how gender, public policy, media, and education shape the Muslim experience in Canada. Touching on much-debated issues, such as the shar’ia controversy, veiling in public schools, media portrayals of Muslims, and anti-terrorism legislation, this book takes a distinctly anti-racist, feminist standpoint in exploring the reality of the Muslim diaspora.

A timely collection addressing some of the most hotly contested issues in recent cultural history, Islam in the Hinterlands will be essential reading for academics as well as general readers interested in Islamic studies, multiculturalism, and social justice.

About the Author(s)
Jasmin Zine is an associate professor of sociology and the Muslim Studies Option at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Table of Contents
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Introduction: Muslim Cultural Politics in the Canadian Hinterlands / Jasmin Zine

Part 1: Gender and Cultural Politics
1 Unsettling the Nation: Gender, Race, and Muslim Cultural Politics in Canada / Jasmin Zine
2 The Great Canadian “Shar’ia” Debate / Itrath Syed
3 Toward a Framework for Investigating Muslim Women and Political Engagement in Canada / Katherine Bullock

Part 2: Media and Representation
4 Colluding Hegemonies: Constructing the Muslim Other Post-9/11 / Yasmin Jiwani
5 Marketing Islamic Reform: Dissidence and Dissonance in a Canadian Context / Meena Sharify-Funk
6 Toward Media Reconstruction of the Muslim Imaginary in Canada: The Case of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie / Aliaa Dakroury

Part 3: Education
7 From Mosques to Madrassas: Civic Engagement and the Pedagogy of Islamic Schools / Nadeem Memon
8 Unveiled Sentiments: Gendered Islamophobia and Experiences of Veiling among Muslim Girls in a Canadian Islamic School / Jasmin Zine

Part 4: Security
9 The Security Certificate Exception: A Media Analysis of Human Rights and Security Discourses in Canada’s Globe and Mail and National Post / Jacqueline Flatt
10 The Anti-terrorism Act and National Security: Safeguarding the Nation against Uncivilized Muslims / Shaista Patel


“I cannot think of a religious community more in need of study than Canadian Muslims, who have, until now, received scant scholarly attention. This book examines the hybridity of Canadian Islam, and discusses the various ways in which Muslims have, and have not, adapted to their contexts. Timely and cutting-edge, it will be of great interest to students and scholars of religion, sociology, and anthropology, as well as cultural, legal, and gender studies.”
Amir Hussain, Editor, Journal of the American Academy of Religion