Religion in the Neoliberal Age: Political Economy and Modes of Governance

Religion in the Neoliberal Age Political Economy and Modes of Governance
Edited by François Gauthier, University of Fribourg, Switzerland and Tuomas Martikainen, University of Helsinki, Finland Ashgate 2013

This book, together with the complementary volume Religion in Consumer Society, focuses on religion, neoliberalism and consumer society; offering an overview of an emerging field of research in the study of contemporary religion. Outlining changes in both the political-institutional and cultural spheres, the contributors offer an international overview of developments in different countries and state of the art representation of religion in the new global political economy.

‘Tuomas Martikainen and François Gauthier seek to break new ground and work toward a synthesis and clarification of the diverse and often contradictory approaches to understanding the transformation of religion in today’s globalized world. The contributors to the volume analyze these changes as integral to the recent economic shaping of culture in the form of consumerism and neoliberalism. They explore the changing landscape of relations between religions and states in the context of the rise of market-oriented, neoliberal modes of governance and management, including as concerns religious organizations.’- Peter Beyer, University of Ottawa, Canada

Introduction: Religion in Market Society François Gauthier, Tuomas Martikainen and Linda Woodhead
PART I Religions in the New Political Economy
1 Entrepreneurial Spirituality and Ecumenical Alterglobalism: Two Religious Responses to Global Neoliberalism Joanildo A. Burity
2 Making Religion Irrelevant: The ‘Resurgent Religion’ Narrative and the Critique of Neoliberalism James V. Spickard
3 The Decline of the Parishes and the Rise of City Churches: The German Evangelical Church in the Age of Neoliberalism Jens Schlamelcher
4 Catholic Church Civil Society Activism and the Neoliberal Governmental Project of Migrant Integration in Ireland Breda Gray
5 Faith, Welfare and the Formation of the Modern American Right Jason Hackworth
PART II Political Governance of Religion
6 Neoliberalism and the Privatization of Welfare and Religious Organizations in the United States of America David Ashley and Ryan Sandefer
7 Multilevel and Pluricentric Network Governance of Religion Tuomas Martikainen
8 Regulating Religion in a Neoliberal Context:The Transformation of Estonia Ringo Ringvee
9 Neoliberalism and Counterterrorism Laws: Impact on Australian Muslim Community Organizations Agnes Chong
10 From Implicitly Christian to Neoliberal: The Moral Foundations of Canadian Law Exposed by the Case of Prostitution Rachel Chagnon and François Gauthier
11 Religious Freedom and Neoliberalism: From Harm to Cost-benefit Lori G. Beaman