Believing in the City: Urban Cultures, Religion and (Im)Materiality

Culture and Religion: An Interdisciplinary Journal Volume 13, Issue 4, 2012

Special Issue
Believing in the City: Urban Cultures, Religion and (Im)Materiality

David Garbin (University of Kent): ‘Introduction: Believing in the city’. Pages 401-404.

Paul-Francois Tremlett (Open University): Two shock doctrines: From Christo-disciplinary to neoliberal urbanisms in the Philippines’. Pages 405-423.

David Garbin (University of Kent): ‘Marching for God in the global city: Public space, religion and diasporic identities in a transnational African church’. Pages 425-447.

Ann R. David (University of Roehampton, London): ‘Sacralising the city: Sound, space and performance in Hindu ritual practices in London’. Pages 449-467.

John Eade (UCL/University of Roehampton, London): ‘Religion, home-making and migration across a globalising city: Responding to mobility in London’. Pages 469-483.

Grace Davie (University of Exeter): ‘A short afterword: Thinking spatially about religion’. Pages 485-489.