Contemporary Islam: Call for paper

Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Life Call for Papers:
Thematic issue: Muslims and ageing

The International referred journal Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Life welcomes and encourages the submission of articles which reflect on ageing, perceptions of it and the impact that it has on Muslim communities both in Muslim majority countries as well as Muslims living in the west.

Questions and topics for discussion include, but are not limited to:

– The concept of ageing as discussed among Muslims
– Ageing identity and self among Muslims communities
– Challenges faced by Muslim communities as far as an increased ageing population
– Changes in the care of the elderly among contemporary Muslim communities
– Problems that elderly Muslims face in the West as far as care and support are concerned
– Ageing and faith
– Relations between the young and the old: inter-generational conflict, respect, and veneration
– Political and social discrimination against  elderly Muslims.

The deadline for receipt of submissions is 31 July 2012

For this special issue, please direct all enquiries, requests for further information as well as actual manuscripts to our Assistant
Editor: Ms Siobhan Irving<>

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– Contemporary Islam has a very fast “time-to-first-decision” of 53 days on average despite submitting manuscripts to a very selective peer-review process  (2 or 3 peer-reviewers)

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