International Studies in Religion and Society

International Studies in Religion and Society Edited by Lori G. Beaman and Peter Beyer, University of Ottawa
The Brill series, International Studies in Religion and Society (ISRS), publishes social scientific volumes that focus critically on research, debates, and theories in the forms, role, and relations of religion in contemporary society. Volumes have a transnational, multi-disciplinary, and often multi-sectional emphasis, bringing together insights from diverse fields such as history, legal studies, sociology, anthropology, religious studies, international relations, cultural studies, globalization, urban and gender studies. The series welcomes volumes that explore both neglected and much studied themes, seeking in each case to make a meaningful impact by breaking new ground, advancing current questions, and exploring new issues.

Book proposals are invited for volumes directed at a broad audience, research monographs and edited collections. Please send your book proposals to either the series editors Peter Beyer ( and Lori Beaman ( or Maarten Frieswijk at Brill (

Titles in print include:

Exploring the Postsecular Edited by Arie L. Molendijk, Justin Beaumont and Christoph Jedan, University of Groningen.

Religions of Modernity Edited by Stef Aupers and Dick Houtman Medicine, Religion, and the Body Edited by Elizabeth Burns Coleman, Monash University and Kevin White, Australian National University

Holy Nations and Global Identities Edited by Annika Hvithamar, University of Southern Denmark, Margit Warburg, University of Copenhagen, and Brian Arly Jacobsen, University of Copenhagen

Pieties and Gender Edited by Lene Sjørup and Hilda Rømer Christensen

Christianity and Resistance in the 20th Century Edited by Søren Dosenrode

Religion and Class in America: Culture, History, and Politics Edited by Sean McCloud and William A. Mirola

Religion, Globalization, and Culture Edited by Peter Beyer and Lori Beaman

Religion and Society Edited by Gerrie ter Haar and Yoshio Tsuruoka

Religious Pluralism in the Diaspora Edited by P. Pratap Kumar

Religion and Politics Edited by Bernhard Giesen and Daniel Ṧuber

Is there a God of Human Rights? Johannes van der Ven, Jaco S. Dreyer and Hendrik J.C. Pieterse

Bridge or Barrier Edited by Gerrie ter Haar and James J. Busuttil