The Ritual Year hosts its next Seasonal Webinar.

The Spring 2021 Webinar will take place on Monday, 5 April 2021, 11:00 Tallinn time (08:00 GMT) via MS Teams.

Anna Muradova an Independent Researcher from Tbilisi (Georgia), will give a talk on: Breton Christmas and other holidays in Ekaterina Balabanova’s traveler notes.

Ekaterina Balobanova (1847 – 1927) was the first Russian specialist in Celtic Studies. Her deep knowledge of Celtic literature and local traditions was due to her studies at the Sorbonne and Heidelberg University, and her travels in French Brittany in the 1860s. She is however, not considered to be an ethnologist, nor a linguist. Her writing about Breton’s oral literature and traditions was published as a traveler’s notes or a retelling of local legends and appears to be a literary creation rather than a result of any research. Her book The story of my travels and adventures is of particular interest for modern researchers due to the description of various local celebrations, including St John’s Day and Christmas.

The webinar and the discussions will be moderated by Irina Sedakova and Mare Koiva.
As usual, our e-meeting will be hosted by the Estonian Literary Museum and the Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies (Tartu).

For participation, please write to

You will be sent a link that will be activated half-an-hour before the event.

The event poster will soon be posted on our Facebook page and our SIEF site.

Looking forward to seeing you again,
Irina Stahl
Researcher, Institute of Sociology, Romanian Academy
Secretary, The Ritual Year WG (SIEF)