Further Information about the School of Advanced Training in Sociology of Religion


16 to 19 December 2019 at the University Roma Tre, Department of Education, in via del Castro Pretorio 20.

Art. 1 – Introduction

  • This notice contains the provisions governing admission to the SCHOOL OF HIGH TRAINING IN RELIGION SOCIOLOGY (SAFSOR).
  • The School provides for the submission of an application for admission.
  • Final admission is subject to checks on self-certification relating to admission tickets and any university careers.

Art. 2 – Access passes and number of admissions

  • The School is aimed at graduates and professionals with a university degree belonging to any class of specialist / master’s degree or a degree of old order at least four years in the disciplines of social sciences.
  • The maximum number of admissions to the School is 15, which can be increased to 20. Admitted students are required to pay a registration fee of 120 euros (which also includes social dinner and daily buffet).

Art. 3 – Submission of application for admission

The application for admission must be submitted or sent no later than 30 September 2019 to the following postal address:

President of ICSOR
Viale delle Milizie 108 – 00192 Rome
tel. + 39 3475160442

or to the following e-mail address:  rciprian@uniroma3.it

The following documents must be attached to the application form:

  1. declaration about the university from which the degree was obtained with the indication of the date and vote;
  2. curriculum vitae of studies, professional activities and research;
  3. list of publications;
  4. self-certification of knowledge of the Italian language (for foreigners) and of at least one other language of the European Union (for Italians).

Applications for admission delivered or received at the address indicated in art. 3 within the indicated deadline will be considered as having been submitted in due time.

Applications submitted with insufficient or irregular documentation and those received after the above deadline will not be accepted for selection.

On penalty of nullity, the following document must be attached to the application:

    • Photocopy of a valid identification document (Identity card and other equivalent document pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 445/2000: passport, driving licence, nautical licence, pension booklet, licence to operate thermal plants, firearms licence, identification cards provided they have a photograph and a stamp or other equivalent mark, issued by a State administration).

    Art. 4 – Admission of students with foreign qualifications

    • Holders of an academic qualification issued by a foreign university will be assessed on the basis of the Declaration of Value issued by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular representations of the country in which the qualification was obtained. The Declaration of Value is essential to assess whether the title held by the candidate is eligible for admission.
    • Foreigners must submit a declaration of value on site of the qualification obtained, an authenticated photocopy of the studies completed and a legalized translation of the entire documentation.
    • Foreigners coming from countries belonging to the European Union, wherever they reside, or foreigners coming from countries not belonging to the European Union and legally residing in Italy are required, however, to submit in the same manner as indicated above – within the established terms – application for participation, together with the same documentation required for non-residents.

    Art. 5 – Period of Activity

    • The activities of the HIGH TRAINING SCHOOL IN SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION (SAFSOR) will take place from 16 to 19 December 2019 at the University Roma Tre, Department of Education, in via del Castro Pretorio 20.

    Art. 6 – Languages of the Activities

    The activities of the HIGH TRAINING SCHOOL IN SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION (SAFSOR) will take place in the following languages: French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

    Art. 7 – Certificate

    • At the end of the School a Certificate of Participation will be issued.

    Art. 8 – Costs

    • Travel, board and lodging costs have to be paid by the participants.