CFP for Advanced Graduate Students

The editors of Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review are now soliciting essays (25-page maximum or 7,000 words, all inclusive) built on dissertations in process.  Focusing on advanced graduate students, the essay should speak to your scholarship, yet generally to sociologists interested in religion by presenting a central idea of relevance to our readership and rooted in the research process.

The essay should include a clear focus on religion, which may include observations on how “sociology of religion” as a sub-field is currently being shaped, where it is heading, and why that matters, etc.  While the essay may address one’s own experiences and be written in the first person, all aspects of the essay should remain of relevance and interest to rigorous scholarship, which therefore should focus on presenting research findings and include things like conceptual breakthroughs and empirical surprises.  While conceptual and methodological rigor should be evident, a separate “Theory” or “Methods” section is not required.

All manuscripts should follow standard author guidelines (e.g., 12-point, Times Roman, double space throughout) and be submitted through Manuscript Central, Be sure to cite sources and develop arguments, ideas, and explication of findings adequate to the high standards of our journal.

The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2019.

Any questions should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief, Gerardo Marti,