Workshop on Negotiating Religion

UCL’s Dr Myriam Hunter-Henin is pleased to announce a workshop to be held at UCL on 12th June 2012 on Negotiating Religion
Workshop: Legal Framework – Schools and Religious Freedom

This one day workshop, which is part of the Negotiating Religion Workshop Series, will look at how and to what extent do legal frameworks – judicial reasoning and legal processes – allow space for negotiating religious issues. The workshop will look at questions such as: * Does this negotiation take place with religious communities or directly with the individuals who claim that their religious freedoms have been infringed? * What are the main actors of the negotiating process? * Who benefits from it? * What are the risks of ‘negotiating’? * Is ‘negotiation’ the best way to reach a fair compromise between conflicting rights and claims? * Is negotiating with religious freedoms any different to negotiation in respect of other human rights? * What special features/dangers derive from the school context in which this negotiation takes place? * What does teaching in a secular institution imply?
These crucial questions will be addressed through analysis of topical case law and legal scholarship under four headings:
1. Religious symbols
2. Religious education and teaching content
3. Religion and staff
4. Faith Schools

You can book online for this conference at:
The cost to attend is:
£60 – standard ticket
£30 – academic ticket
£10 – student ticket