Parution du No 33 de RELIGIOLOGIQUES

La revue québécoise de sciences humaines, *RELIGIOLOGIQUES*, qui
s’intéresse aux manifestations du sacré dans la culture ainsi qu’au
phénomène religieux sous toutes ses formes, a le plaisir de vous annoncer
la publication du numéro 33 (printemps 2016) intitulé, « Mutations :
croyances et pratiques religieuses migrantes ». Les textes son disponibles
(dans leur intégralité) sur le site Internet de la revue.

Roxanne D. Marcotte, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Pour le comité de rédaction de * RELIGIOLOGIQUES*

*RELIGIOLOGIQUES, no 33, **printemps 2016 *
Mutations : croyances et pratiques religieuses migrantes
Sous la direction scientifique de Roxanne D. MARCOTTE

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Perspectives sur les nouvelles modalités des croyances et pratiques
religieuses migrantes


Christophe MONNOT
Institutionnalisation des pratiques collectives bouddhistes et hindoues en

Le « prêt à intérêt » ou la pratique économique symbolique  d’une économie
des pratiques

Des réfugiés népalo-bhoutanais au Québec : comment être hindou dans une
ville moyenne, en région ?

Elisabeth MAREELS
Des portes de la ville à la conquête des nations : spiritualisation du
local et du global chez les pentecôtistes brésiliens de Bruxelles

Francesco PIRAINO
L’héritage de René Guénon dans le soufisme du XXIe siècle en France et en

Felicia DUMAS
Retransmission numérique de la Divine Liturgie et le confort du croire

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Call for papers: “The Marketing and Consumption of Spirituality and Religion”, Special Issue of Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion. Deadline for full paper submission: January 10, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

With this special issue, the Journal of Management, Spirituality &
Religion extends an invitation to scholars in the field of marketing,
consumer research and related disciplines to contribute to the journal with
their best work on the marketing and consumption of spirituality and

While not exhaustive, the following list suggests possible issues that we
would like to address in this special issue:

  • The consumption of spirituality and religion
  • Identity, community and religious/spiritual consumption
  • The impact of religious ideologies and values on the marketing and consumption of profane goods
  • The material culture of religion and spirituality
  • Religion/religiosity, spirituality and consumer wellbeing
  • The marketization of religious/spiritual holidays, rituals and rites de passage
  • Spiritual materialism
  • Religious/spiritual consumption across the consumer lifecycle
  • The marketing strategies of religious organizations and new religious/spiritual movements (and its discontents); the organization of marketing in these domains
  • Religious history from a marketing perspective
  • The marketing management of religious/spiritual products, services
    and experiences
  • The role of spirituality and religiosity in the marketing and consumption of ‘mundane’ brands, products, and experiences
  • The marketing behavior of religiously aligned organizations
  • Entertainment brands as sources of spiritual meaning (e.g., sport brands, Star Wars, Star Trek)
  • Gender and sexuality issues in the marketing and consumption of
    religion and spirituality
  • The globalization of religious/spiritual marketing and consumption:
    orientalism, postcolonialism, creolization/syncretization, cultural
  • Tourism, immigration
  • Religion and spirituality in the digital age

This special issue welcomes empirical, methodological, and conceptual papers. In terms of methods, we are open to both qualitative and quantitative research designs, as long as data gathering and analysis procedures are rigorous. Similarly, we welcome positivist, interpretive, and critical approaches alike. We also want to encourage work based on theoretical reflection on religion and spirituality outside of marketing, consumer research, organization studies and management (e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology, theology, cultural studies, political science, history, geography, etc.)*. Methodological and conceptual papers are also encouraged, provided that they make appropriate contributions. Finally, we will consider both theoretical work and managerially oriented

As a guide, papers should be of no more than 9,000 words (excluding references, tables, figures, etc.). More information in the call for paper (can be downloaded here: Early expressions of interests and enquiries can be directed to the guest editors.

Guest editors contact details:

Diego Rinallo, Kedge Business School and CERGAM, France (

Mathieu Alemany Oliver, Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management – IAE
and CERGAM, France (

Special issue on "Religion in Digital Games" is online!

The editors of “online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet” ( are pleased to announce the publication of the special issue “Religion in Digital Games” featuring a multitude of exciting scientific perspectives on videogames as new research focus in Cultural and Religious Studies by authors from many different disciplines. It includes articles on theory and method as well as case studies with a focus on both game content and the player.

We hope the articles assembled in this issue will contribute to encouraging
further academic debate on the topic of religion in digital games and help
openig up the field for even more motivated and enthusiastic scholars and
research projects.

The journal is keen to collect high quality scholarship on issues relating
to religions on the Internet and welcomes submissions pertaining to all
aspects of theses matters anytime to be published in our next issue
scheduled for fall 2014! Of course we will gladly consider the publication
of further articles related to religion and video games as well as any
other topic fitting the scope of the journal. Submissions and queries
should be send to the following address: .

Call for Papers: “Journal of Religious Studies, History and Society” / “Revista Ciências da Religião – Historia e Sociedade”

Dear colleagues,The Journal of Religious Studies, History and Society (*Revista Ciências da Religião – Historia e Sociedade*) is a fully peer reviewed, open-access, Brazilian publication of the Religious Studies Department of Mackenzie University (Brazil). It’s a biannual Journal for the … Continue reading